Antoine Bissonnette Jr.  

Antoine Bissonnette Jr.

Son of Antoine Bissonnette Sr. & Mary Kuhn

Born: December 17, 1867, Rochester Twsp., Staples, Ontario
Married: Elise Beaune , daughter of Israel Beaune & Adeline Caza
 September 24, 1895 at Annunciation Catholic Church, Stoney Point, Ontario.
Died: May 05, 1950,
Staples, Ontario (Age 82)



Antoine Bissonnette Family

Circa - 1905

Antoine Bissonnette Family - 1905

Left to Right:
Antoine Bissonnette, Antoine (Tony), Blaise, Rachel, Walter, Lucille Maria,  Placide, Corinne, Elise
Bissonnette (nee Beaune), Leopold.

Antoine Bissonnette Family

Circa - 1913

Antoine Bissonnette Family - 1913

Left to Right:
Lorette, Corinne, Lucille Maria, Stella, Rachel, Elise Bissonnette (nee Beaune), Gerald, Antoine Bissonnette, Blaise, Leopold, Walter, Antoine (Tony), Placide.

Antoine Bissonnette Family

Circa - 1914

Antoine Bissonnette Family - 1944

Front Row Left to Right:
Lorette, Gerald, Stella, Leopold (with hat).

Back Row Left to Right:

Lucille Maria, Elise Bissonnette (nee Beaune), Corinne, Rachel, Antoine Bissonnette, Antoine (Tony), Placide.

(Missing: Blaise and Walter were away at war)

Children of 

Antoine Bissonnette & Elise Beaune

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Pierre Bissonnet est né vers 1626

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* Special thanks to Bernadette Tremblay (nee Laporte) for her research & photos of the
Laporte & Bissonnette families, making this information possible. 

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