Charles Allaire - First Canadian Ancestor

Charles Allaire

 First North American Ancestor
Arrived August 6, 1658


Charles Allaire, who with his older brother Jean left Poitou, France in 1658 and sailed to the New World (New France) onboard a ship called Le Tareau (The Bull).  They arrived on August 6, 1658, where they settled on the Isle of Orleans, south of Québec City in the St. Lawrence River.  Their descendents have since multiplied throughout the North American continent.


More information on the history of Charles & Jean Allaire can be found in the book,
  "Les Familles Allaire et Dallaire" by Violette Allaire (Québec 1962)

"Les Familles Allaire et Dallaire" by Violette Allaire (Québec 1962)

Now available on-line here!
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Charles Allaire

Son of  Sébastien Allaire & Perrine Florisson
August 02, 1637, Saint-Philbert du Pont Charrault, Poitou, France
Married: Francoise Chapelain, July 23, 1662, at Québec
Married: Catherine Fiebvre, November 10, 1663 at Par. Notre-Dame, Québec
Died: Abt. February 1691 at St-Francois, Ile dé Orleáns, Montmorency, Québec

Catherine Fiebvre

Daughter of Fiacre Fiebvre & Jacquette DuSol
Born: November 19, 1646, Saint-André, Niort, Poitou, France
Died: June 13, 1709 at Hotel-Dieu, Québec, Québec, Canada


Children of

Charles Allaire & Catherine Fiebvre

"Les familles Allaire-Dallaire" - Family # 4C

*Charles Allaire & Catherine Fiebvre had four boys and two girls who died in early childhood.


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